All about Serviced Apartments

People fly one country to another as tourists to explore the culture and beauties of foreign countries or for business purpose. No matter why they visits. They must stay somewhere with all the amenities you need during the trip. This somewhere can be a hotel, but hotel rooms are too expensive in these days to rent. So renting a hotel room is always not a good deal.

However, there are always alternatives. One of such (probably the best) alternative is Serviced Apartment which is a kind of furnished apartment that can be had either for short-term or long-term. In terms of features, a serviced apartment can be compared with hotel rooms but it costs less than a hotel. If you are running with a cost saving issue and also want to have a trip filled with luxury, then considering a serviced apartment is the best choice out there.

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Types of Serviced Apartments:

There are several types of serviced apartments:

  • Leisure Break Apartments: These types of serviced apartments are luxurious, designed for relaxation. Whether you need a designer studio, a spacious penthouse or something in between, leisure break apartments precisely meet your needs.
  • Business Trip Apartments: Business trip apartments have been designed to offer home-like comfort to business travelers. These business class apartments come with the all amenities needed for sleeping, relaxing, working and entertaining.
  • Family Apartments: These apartments range from compact studios to spacious 3-bedroom units offering all the comfort of a home. Apartments are equipped with functional kitchens. These are a great deal for a family.
  • Corporate housing apartments: Equipped with luxurious furniture, these apartments provide guests plenty of spaces and all the stuffs needed to entertain clients.

Other types of serviced apartments include holiday apartments and city break apartments. For some examples of worldwide serviced apartment click here

Benefits of service apartments: A serviced Apartment provides twice space when compared to an equivalent standard hotel room; and additionally, it offers a properly equipped living, working area, a separate kitchen, and well-furnished bedrooms. Serviced apartments offer an excellent value for your money because there are no hidden fees such as room service charges and drinks from the mini-bar; and one can host meeting in the apartments instead of renting a separate meeting room.

Serviced apartments provide home-environment with maximum flexibility and independence. Particularly, business travelers can spend their several weeks or month away from the home.

A serviced apartment offers a very high standard furnishing, high quality bed linen and towels, a fully equipped kitchen and first class home entertainment facilities such as Sky TV, CD and DVD. High Security system is another thing that makes you to be interested in considering serviced apartments.

For more information about serviced apartments visit the website of the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers.

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