Serviced Apartments vs. Hotels

Serviced apartments industry is growing rapidly with all the conveniences associated with them. Not only is it more a home away from home, but the price in the economical climate of today compares well. If you take into consideration that you can fit more people into an apartment as oppose to a hotel room which are often only for one or two people maximum.
Convenience of having a fully equipped kitchen significantly reduces money normally spent on restaurants whether it is in the hotel or outside. A hotel room usually has a fridge, but take into consideration that they are stocked with alcohol, which you pay an astronomical amount for.
Sizes of hotel rooms and service apartment also play a big role. If you want to invite guests over or have a business meeting, it is quite inconvenient in a hotel room. Hotels do have private lounges and conference rooms for meetings and such, which will cost you extra in drinks and snacks. The advantage of service apartments is 5that they usually have a separate lounge from the bedrooms and even if it does not have separations the seating space is much more.
Visitors staying for a longer period often use the facilities offered by hotels to do laundry, which often leads to confusion and lost washing. The convenience of having a washer and dryer are often part of serviced apartments. A serviced apartment offers visitors a lot more freedom in regards to dining times as hotels usually have a certain breakfast, lunch, and dinner times and although you have the convenience of room service, the added charges are something you can do without.
Even if you pay more per night for a serviced apartment, which is quite unlikely, you will definitely find that overall you will be spending much less money staying in a serviced apartment than a hotel.

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